Email Hosting Service

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All email sent from the Email Hosting Service must meet local and Federal anti-spam regulations as well as our Spam Email Policy.

Basic Features

Unlimited mailboxes

You can create an unlimited number of mailboxes, and divide your quota among those mailboxes. You can increase your storage quota at any time.

Distribute your quota among your mailboxes

Assign a quota to each of your mailboxes, but only the ones that need storage space.  Reallocate the storage quota at any time.

Virus, spam and phishing protection

Our email hosting services include a very powerful spam, virus and phishing filter and the thresholds can be customized per mailbox.

Web mail (RoundCube and SquirrelMail)

We provide two different web mail programs for your convenience.

Use any POP or IMAP software on your PC

You can use any email program on your PC (Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express) via a POP or IMAP connection.

Advanced Features

Catch-all email address

Configure your email service to send all email destined to non-existent users to a specific mailbox or email address.


Each mailbox can have an auto-reply (vacation, out of office, etc) message configured.

Spam sensitivity levels

Each mailbox can have a custom spam sensitivity level to control what confidence level (score) a message is considered spam.

Spam white list and black list

The spam filter has a mailbox-specific white list and black list to allow or block email by source email address.

Spam actions

Configure each mailbox with actions, so that confirmed spam is deleted, moved to a folder, or has a custom subject prepended.

Spam learning

Move messages to your Spam folder to improve the accuracy of the spam detection.