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Free uploads to the major adoption listing websites with the Pet Adoption Portal, Data Management Service and Website Service

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When you post your adoptable pets with us, we can send them out to over 200 pet adoption listing websites. You have full control of where your pets appear, and it's all done for free. is a non-profit organization

We are a Non-Profit

That means that our one-and-only mission is to help the community and no one is profiting personally from what we are doing. You won't find any ulterior motives in what we do. has over 3,500 organizations using our services.

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We receive many testimonials from organizations who want to let others know of their great experiences using services. takes security very seriously. We use SSL to protect your account.

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We take security very seriously. Our data management website uses SSL to protect your account information, and we require every user to have their own user name and password.

Most volunteers don't have time to update more than one or two websites. Our online animal management software tools such as theĀ Pet Adoption Portal, Data Management Service, and Website Service can automatically send your animal data and pictures to a long list of websites. You update only one pet list, and the other websites get updated!

Pet Adoption Portal

The Pet Adoption Portal is completely free animal shelter management software and includes free uploads to a long list of animal adoption listing websites like Petfinder, Facebook,,,, and the ASPCA. Risk Free, No Contracts, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Storage

Since 2002, has provided animal welfare organizations with easy to use, free and low-cost services like the Pet Adoption Portal to help maximize animal adoptions. No matter what level of service you choose, you'll get the best services and support available so you can spend less time in front of a computer and more time doing what you love - helping the animals!

Risk Free, No Contracts, Unlimited Users,
Unlimited Storage, Free 3 Month Trial

"I LOVE having online forms to capture volunteer, adopter and foster info. Having the ability to send the notifications to other volunteers helps share the workload. Fabulous!" - Sharyn, Pensacola, FL, Online Forms" View more testimonials