How We Are Different operates differently than other companies providing services to the animal welfare community with which you may be familiar.

We are a non-profit

  • We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  That means that our one-and-only mission is to help the community and no one is profiting personally from what we are doing.  You won't find any ulterior motives in what we do.
  • Being non-profit enables us to accept donations.  However, we don't solicit donations or grants from the same sources as the animal welfare community, so that way we are not competing with them for those grant monies.

We are unaffiliated

  • We have decided to remain unaffiliated so that we are not seen as competitive by other companies in the marketplace

We will work with you

  • We are willing to work with any like-minded individuals and companies (for-profits or non-profits).  We even work with organizations that provide similar services to ours.

We don't ask for kick-backs

  • We share our adoptable pet data without any reservations or restrictions.  We don't ask for recognition or profit-sharing (kick-backs).

We have no advertising requirements

  • As you can see by our websites, we do not have any sponsors or advertisements.  That means we are not obligated to any sponsors that may affect our focus and implementation of our mission.  We have seen where some sponsors can significantly diminish the effectiveness of the organization, and put unreasonable restrictions on the animal welfare community.

About half of our income comes from fees paid for our services. The other half comes from private donations from individuals, welfare organizations and other companies, both for-profit and non-profit. The benefit to the animal welfare community from our approach is easy to see -- we are very open, transparent, collaborative and responsive. Our services are focused only on helping the community work more effectively. We're sure you'll see the difference very quickly when you start using our services. We think you'll find it refreshing.

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