Privacy Statement provides websites and Internet-based services to not-for-profit rescue organizations to help them fulfill their mission. This Privacy Statement is in regards to your (the individual) relationship to when visiting those public websites and services.

Since we are not responsible for the actions of any of our partner organizations, we recommend that you contact them directly for their privacy statement.

What information we gather:

If you visit a website or adoptable pet web page we will note for statistical purposes basic information about your request (which animal was viewed, at what date/time, etc), but no personally-identifiable information is saved.  This process may involve storing a cookie in your web browser.

How we use any information we receive: keeps any and all information in the strictest confidence and does not share or use that information for anything other than general purposes (like knowing how many people have registered in an organization's area).

We do track which web pages and adoptable pets are viewed for the purpose of determining which web pages and pets are most popular (or least popular).

Also, some rescues/shelters may have forms that request additional information (registration form, online adoption application, etc). This information is never used by except to help the organization with the form itself, or in ways directly related to the service you have requested.

Mailings and Phone Calls: does not contact our partner's visitors in any way unless that person has specifically requested that we contact them (by calling us or opening a support ticket with us).  We do not use or access our clients' contacts lists except for troubleshooting purposes.

Please contact the rescue/shelter for their own email and phone privacy policies.

External Privacy Policies

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