Terms of Service

RescueGroups.org Terms of Service
Last Updated 6/7/2020

This service is provided by RescueGroups.org (“We” or "the Service"), to you, an animal welfare organization ("you").

You should carefully read the following Terms of Service. Your use of this RescueGroups.org Service implies that you have read and accepted these Terms of Service. If you have any questions regarding the Terms of Service please contact us before using this Service.

The Service is provided without warranty, expressed or implied. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use this service. We are not responsible for any loss of data, including animal information or pictures. The Service is provided as best-effort, without any guarantees of availability or usability.

The Service includes an online pet listing that can be automatically sent to other external pet adoption listing websites ("external sites"). We are not affiliated with any of the external sites. We are not responsible for the external sites in any way, or their ability or inability to update your pet listings. We are not responsible for the terms of service for any external sites and it is your responsibility to review those terms and ensure your compliance.

By using this Service your organization agrees to the associated Requirements and Expectations. Any violation of those Requirements and Expectations may result in cancelation of this Service.

The Service may be used for its intended purposes only. This Service must be used for lawful purposes only and for animal welfare related business only. Using this Service for the storage or transmission of material in violation of any Federal, State or local law is strictly prohibited. This Service may not be used to promote, link to or otherwise display any unlawful, obscene, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate material. All email sent from the Service must meet local and Federal anti-spam regulations in addition to our Spam Email Policy.

You remain the owner of all individual data and animal pictures when uploaded to the Service. By uploading the data and pictures to the Service, you are granting a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide right and license (with right of sublicense) to RescueGroups.org, its licensees, successors and assigns, to collect, compile, use, reproduce, display, distribute, create derivatives works of, and transmit the data and pictures to third parties, for use in any media or medium now known or hereinafter developed without further compensation to you. The Service, its licensees, successors and assigns shall be the respective owner of all aggregated data and pictures (the compilation of individual data and animal pictures) and all related service-related software and hardware.

The security of your authentication information is your responsibility. Each volunteer is required to utilize an account in their own name, and user name/password sharing within or outside of your organization is prohibited.

The Service may not be used for the collection, storage, or processing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive information (in whole or in part), including but not limited to Birthdates, Social Security Numbers (SSN), Driver’s License numbers, state ID information, credit card numbers, mother’s maiden name, financial/bank information, passport information, and healthcare/medical information.  Please contact RescueGroups.org to confirm if the information you plan to collect or store is considered sensitive.

We will immediately work, without notifying you, to remedy any breach of these Terms of Service. The remedy, at our discretion, may include, but is not limited to, account termination, loss of access or privilege, and data removal, all of which may result in data loss.

We can terminate your service at any time with or without notice for any reason or no reason at all. The Service can be canceled at any time by you, without penalty, but without refund. Partial refund in the case of voluntary cancellation will be provided only at the discretion of the Service.

By using the Service you agree to indemnify RescueGroups.org, its volunteers, staff, board and officers and hold them harmless from any claim or demand, including legal fees that may arise from the use or inability to use the Service.

We reserve the right to amend or modify these Terms of Service without notification. The Service will be the sole arbiter of what violates these Terms of Service.

External terms of service

By uploading videos to YouTube.com via your RescueGroups.org account you also agree to the YouTube.com Terms of Service: https://www.youtube.com/t/terms