Pet Adoption Portal FAQs

Question: How long does the entire Portal setup process take?

It can take as little as a few hours; on the average it takes a few days.  Getting set up on the Portal is an interactive process with you, the rescue.  The Setup Wizard makes setup fast and easy, so you can be up and running the same day.  Doing so does require that you respond in a timely manner to our email requests, such as when we ask you to verify that your pet list looks correct on the Portal.  We cannot enable your automatic updates until you verify your pet list.

Question: In the Setup Wizard you ask from where to add my animals to the Portal pet list.  What does this mean?

You can add your pets to the Portal yourself if you wish, and let us know when you finish.  Or, we are happy to add your pets to the Portal for you, from some existing pet list anywhere on the internet.  This is for the initial setup of your account only.  Please note that once your account is set up on the Portal, you are responsible for updating your Portal pet list.  In turn, the Portal updates the pet adoption web sites for you.

Question: Do I need to already have accounts with the adoption listing websites when I start using the Portal?

The only adoption listing websites that currently require you to sign-up with them directly are and Petfinder.  Please register your organization directly with those two websites.  All of the other adoption listing websites will be configured for you without any additional action on your part.

Question: I already have accounts on the other sites -- will I now have two accounts?

No, when we set up your automatic updates, we will match up your Portal account and your existing account on the other sites.

Question: Will you be asking me for any additional information to set up accounts with or

No.  We do not need any additional information from you to set up the automatic updates.  Even if you already have accounts with them, you do not need to give us your existing account information.

Question: How long does it take after I verify my Portal pet list for the pet adoption web sites to have my listings from the Portal?

It generally takes about 2-3 business days for all the accounts to get completely set up and running.  There is nothing additional you need to do to make this happen.

Question: What sites do you update, and can I choose from those?

Here is a link to the sites we update:  Adoption Listing Websites.  And yes, you can absolutely opt-out of any sites you wish.

Question: When I make a change to my pet list after my account is completely set up, is there anything extra I need to do to update the other sites?

No, the other sites will be updated automatically after you make a change to your pet list (once everything is setup).  All you need to do is update the Portal pet list!

Question: When you enable the automatic updates, will my pets change on the other sites?

That depends upon if your existing pet lists on the other sites are complete and up to date.  When we enable your automatic updates, the pet lists on the pet adoption web sites will match what you have on the Portal (within the restrictions of what data each web site accepts).  Assuming your Portal pet list is the same as the other sites, the public won't notice a difference in your pet list.  However, since the animal ID numbers will change on the other sites, any links to those animals will no longer work.

Question: Will my pets appear the same to the public after my automatic updates are enabled?

The public will not be able to tell that your animals have been updated by the Portal instead of being added manually.  However, there are a couple things that may work a little differently than expected, including: the pet list may appear to the public in a different order.