Online Forms Service

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The Online Forms service allows you to create and place online forms (adoption, foster, etc) on any website.  This service is included with the Website service.

Basic Features

Free 3-month trial!

The Online Forms service comes with a free 3-month trial.

Show your forms (adoption, foster applications, etc) on any website

You can add the Online Forms to any website that supports the iframe code. Most website content engines support the iframe HTML tag.

Unlimited questions

There's no limit to the number of questions you can add to your online form.

Here are some of the major benefits to using the Online Forms Service:

  • The entire form (questions and answers) stays on your website.
  • Volunteers are immediately alerted (via email) when a form is completed.
  • You can choose to have the form contents emailed to you or just an alert.
  • Submitted forms are kept indefinitely
  • You can easily add comments to a form, change a forms status, assign the form to a volunteer to follow up and track the progress of the form!


Here is a short example. You can customize the CSS to match your website.