Pet Adoption Kiosk

The Pet Adoption Kiosk is a free service of  The Kiosk is an Adobe AIR application that can be installed on any computer (PC or Mac).  The application is designed to be used at offsite adoption events to display all of your adoptable pets.

The Kiosk is just one of the many ways that helps animal welfare organizations work more effectively.  In the "old" days, volunteers would need to print a page for each adoptable pet so that information would be available in a binder for adoption event visitors.

Most organizations would print the page, often a "kennel card" from one of the adoption listing websites.  The print-out often served as more of a free advertisement for the adoption listing website instead of a tool for welfare organizations to showcase their adoptable pets.

Not only does the Kiosk save countless hours of time each week for volunteers, thousands of trees and thousands of dollars worth of toner, but potential adopters can also browse your organization's adoptable pets while still at your event, without the distraction of advertisements or "powered by" logos.

The Kiosk application installs in minutes and will download all of your adoptable pets from your account with just a click.  The application can then be used with or without an Internet connection.

We're happy to provide this free service to help your organization work more effectively!

To use the Kiosk, login to your service via our Manage interface and click Features > Pet Adoption Kiosk.