Pet Adoption Toolkit

The Pet Adoption Toolkit is a collection of HTML and JavaScript code that anyone can easily paste into web pages on their web site to display their pets from the Pet Adoption Portal. (Look below for samples.)

The end result is similar to the "pet list scrollers" that are commonly available; however, the Pet Adoption Portal Toolkit is unique in the following ways:

Keeps visitors on your web site: A visitor to your web site stays on your web site when they click to view additional information about a pet.  No links to external websites!

No update delay: The pet list through the Toolkit is updated immediately when you make changes to your pets on the Pet Adoption Portal.

No limits:  Your full animal description and all of your pictures are accessible directly on your website.

Integrates seamlessly into your existing web site: The Toolkit actually becomes part of your web site by using your same colors and theme.

No Advertisements: We don't advertise any products or services through the Toolkit, and there's no self-serving "powered by" logos.

Social sharing: Sharing links (like Facebook) so your visitors can spread the word about your adoptable pets.  The links come back to your website (not to a national search website)!

Adoption, Donation, and Sponsorship Links: Each animal has links for adoption information, sponsorship information, and to make a donation.  These links will keep the visitor on your website.

Easy to setup: You can start using the Toolkit by following a few simple steps, or let us set it up for you!

You are not required to use the Toolkit in order to use our other free services, including the Pet Adoption Portal. The Toolkit is simply available to you if you would like to use it. We do not require you to place the Toolkit on your web site in order to use the Pet Adoption Portal.

Please contact us for information on how the Toolkit could be integrated into your existing web site. We will install the Toolkit for you, free of charge or commitment.

If you don't already have a web site, or you are interested in upgrading or improving your web site, please consider the Web Site Service.

Would you like to see the Toolkit in action? We do have a few JavaScript Toolkit samples:

Joyful Rescues
Global Animal (national)