API Comparison

Thank you for considering utilizing the RescueGroups.org adoptable pet data feed.

Below is a list of specific ways the RescueGroups.org APIs (REST and HTTP/JSON) are different from other data feeds.  We are proud that we are different than other data sources -- primarily because we keep the volunteers and homeless animals first, as you can see in the table below.

If you still aren't sure, or you have any questions about our API services or any of our other services, please feel free to contact us.


Requirements and Terms of Service

Data is free of “powered by” advertisement requirement
Data is free of added advertisements and logos in descriptions (e.g., Pet Health insurance, microchips)
Does not require link from each animal/organization to data provider's website
Does not provide a competing adoption listing website

Data Quality

Accurate account listings (i.e., does not require duplication of organizations for accurate search results)
Accurate animal listings (i.e., does not require duplication of animals for accurate search results)
Accurate breed information (i.e., does not support sudo-breeds like tuxedo and colored breeds like “orange”)

Policies and Rescue/Shelter Requirements

Open partnerships with “competitive” organizations (i.e., other management services)
Average time from sign-up to account creation
Extensive rescue/shelter expectations
See: https://www.rescuegroups.org/requirements
Rapid resolution of complaints
Immediate closure of violating accounts
Account grooming of inactive/non-existent organizations

Growth and Community Support

Non-profit 501(c)(3)
Financially supported by the community
Continual expansion of API


Updateable API (HTTP/JSON)
FTP-based full and complete data download
Full download includes full animal descriptions (no string length restrictions)
Includes an unlimited number of pictures and video URLs
Each animal has its own specific location
Each animal has its own specific contact information
Specific field/data support:
Coat length
Specific animal location (zip/postal code)
YouTube video URL
Over 45 personality traits
Kill/euthanasia information (date, reason, etc)
Found information (date, location, etc)
Ear type, eye color, tail type

Support and Customization

Direct developer access for support
API customization