Voice Mail Service

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Basic Features

Voice mail only -- no telephone service

We provide a voice mail only service, not telephone service. In other words, there's no telephone to ring... your phone number goes directly into our voice mail service.

Dedicated local or toll-free phone number

We can provide either a local or toll-free dedicated phone number for your organization.  The phone number (local or toll-free) is included with the service.

Transfer an existing phone number

Most existing phone numbers can be transferred from your current cable, phone or voice mail service provider to our service.  A phone number transfer/port typically takes about 30 days.

Purchase a vanity toll-free phone number

We can help you chose a vanity toll-free number. Once you pick the number, we take care of the rest.  It typically takes 1-3 business days to receive the vanity number.

Unlimited minutes and usage

Our Voice Mail service is a flat rate. We do not charge by-the-minute, or per message or by amount of storage.

Long greetings and recording times

The main greeting and each of the mailbox greetings can be long (more than 2 minutes each).  The caller will hear your main greeting, which will include instructions to press a number (1-9) to hear a mailbox greeting and optionally leave a message in that mailbox.

High-tech features

Supports up to nine individual mailboxes

You can create up to nine mailboxes, each with their own settings, alerts and configuration.  Each mailbox can hold up to 100 voice mail messages, and you can delete messages at any time.  Typically mailboxes are created similar to: Adoptions, Spay/Neuter, Events, etc.

Email and text alerts

Each mailbox can be configured to email and text staff members when a message is left in the mailbox.  Each mailbox has its own alert/email settings.  The email alert includes basic information about the message -- Caller ID, date/time of the message, the mailbox number and the length of the call.  The audio recording of the message can optionally be attached to the email alert.

Email delivery of messages

When a message is left in a mailbox, an email can be send to a staff member alerting them of the new message. The text of the email message includes the date and time of the message, the length of the message, and the caller ID information of the caller. Optionally, the actual audio recording (as a .wav file) can be attached to the email message!

Web access to messages

You can login to the voice mail system with your web browser from any Internet connection to manage your messages, including playing, forwarding, and deleting the messages.

Dial-in to check messages

If you're on the road, you can always dial into your voice mail system to retrieve, delete and forward your voice mail messages.