Spam Email Policy

Purpose of this policy

The purpose of this Spam Email Policy is to document and communicate the Spam policy to clients so the policy can be implemented within the client's processes and procedures.

Why is a Spam Email Policy necessary

Spam Email has received significant attention in the past decade.  Laws and rules are being put in place at both the ISP/ASP and state/Federal level (e.g., the CAN-SPAM Act).  All of's vendors enforce a strict spam policy, which ultimately apply to our clients.  If didn't create and enforce a spam policy, we would most certainly experience negative vendor relationships, including adverse effects including domain name suspensions, service blockages and hosting shutdowns.

Who does this Spam Email Policy apply to?

This Spam Email Policy applies to a wide range of organizations and individuals using various services. This is because email abuse complaints can be received from various 3rd party services.

Specifically, this Spam Email Policy applies to at least the following organizations and individuals (but not limited to):

  • Any organization using Email Hosting or Forwarding services
  • Any organization using the Email Marketing Service
  • Any organization with a Domain Name registered with
  • Any organization using the Website service with a domain name or with the free URL

What is's definition of spam email? defines spam email as any email message that the recipient did not "confirm opt-in" (COI) to receive the message.

Are there other guidelines for sending email?

Yes, there are several guidelines if you are going to send email. They include:

  • Each recipient must be "confirmed opt-in" (COI)
  • Each email message must have instructions for changing subscription options
  • Each email message must include the organization's contact information (email, mailing address)
  • Unsubscribe requests should be processed immediately

What happens if my organization violates the Spam Email Policy?

Violations of the Spam Email Policy may result in at least the following:

  • Suspension of your account
  • Suspension of your domain name
  • Cancellation of services, domain names or your account entirely

How are Spam Email complaints handled by

When receives a complaint concerning Spam Email, our Security department will research and document the complaint and any related information. Your organization may be required to provide information regarding the complaint email, documentation of the opt-in status of the recipient, and any actions or procedures taken to prevent Spam Email in the future.


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