Email Marketing Service

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The Email Marketing Service has a completely free level of service that allows you to send 500 emails each month.  We offer this free level of service as an un-timed trial of our Email Marketing service.  You can upgrade to a higher level of service (additional emails per month) at any time.

All email sent from the Email Marketing Service must meet local and Federal anti-spam regulations as well as our Spam Email Policy.

Basic Features

Unlimited Campaigns

Supports an unlimited number of email marketing campaigns.

Supports text and HTML

You can send text and HTML campaigns (text part is included with HTML emails). HTML is created using our WYSIWYG HTML editor and supports all basic HTML including images, tables and standard formatting.


Import subscribers

Import campaign subscribers from a CSV file.

Add from contacts

Add subscribers to your email marketing campaigns from your contacts database.

Subscriber managed mailing lists

Your mailing list subscribers can manage their own subscriptions, including unsubscribes. Each email message includes links to update their subscriptions.


Add a sign-up box on any web page

Add a sign-up box on your website, or any web page.

Integrated with the Services

Fully integrated with the website and data management services which means it's easy to add the sign-up boxes to your website, add images from your service, and add campaign members from your contacts.


Easy to use WYSIWYG editor for HTML

Our service is designed with those who do not have any experience with HTML or web page design in mind. When you update an HTML email you use our What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) tool, which is very similar to word processors you might be familiar with.

You do not need to know HTML to add and update your HTML emails, insert pictures, and link to files and other web pages. But if you do, you can take advantage of the editor to paste in HTML and code.

Advanced Features

Opens, Click-Throughs and Bounce Reporting

Every campaign has advanced reporting including how many messages have been opened, clicked on, bounced and reported as spam. We also track how many times the email has been forwarded, and how many people have unsubscribed using the links in the email.


Every email has a link so the recipient can forward the message to people who might not be on the mailing list.

Security and Spam

CANSPAM compliant

Our email marketing service is designed to be CANSPAM compliant. Messages include organization address, opt-out information, etc. The sign-up process is double-opt-in.