Website Service

Our Website Service comes with a free 3 month trial.

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The Website Service is an easy to use, all-in-one service designed with the needs of animal rescues in mind.

The Website Service integrates our animal shelter software tools into one comprehensive service. It includes the Pet Adoption Portal, Data Management Service, Online Forms Service, and an easy to use, customizable Website with built-in features for animal welfare organizations.

A few of the benefits of using the Website Service:

  • Free 3 Month Trial
  • Includes the Pet Adoption Portal and Animal Exports
  • Includes the Animal Data Management Service
  • Volunteers Can Help Keep Data Updated
  • Track Animal Adoptions
  • Track Animal Returns
  • Online Forms (Unlimited)
  • Event Calendar with integrated Animal Attendance
  • Animal Sponsorships
  • Donations with PayPal
  • Highlight Animals to show on your home page
  • Animal Memorials
  • Animal Journals - Animal Medical Tracking and Reminders
  • Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Pages
  • and so much more!


Your website is ready instantly

We create your Website as soon as your account is approved, often the same business day. That means you immediately have a fully functional website, just waiting for your customization, colors, pictures and information!

No commitment and extremely affordable

None of our services require a commitment of any kind. You can cancel your service at any time. You are not required to make any purchases or keep any account active with us. We do not require you to purchase microchips or any other product or service regardless of what service you are using (free or paid).

Use our domain name, or your own

When your sign-up for our Website service you can choose a URL on the domain (like That URL is free for your use. You can, at any time, configure an existing domain name or register a new domain name for use with your Website service (like If you choose to purchase a domain name, please contact us first. We can register the domain for you, saving you time and money!

No limits on pages, storage or bandwidth

We do not limit or restrict on the number of web pages, animal updates, amount of storage or amount of bandwidth you use.

No dependency on volunteers - you can make all updates yourself!

By using the Website service we put the control of your website directly in your hands. You have complete control of the website, which means you don't have to wait for a webmaster to update your website for you.

Everything is done online with your web browser

All website updates are done with your web browser. You don't need any special software (like Dreamweaver or Frontpage) to update your web pages -- everything is done with our easy-to-use online page editor. You don't need to learn HTML to update any of your web pages!

No forced advertisements (like with Geocities or PetPoint)

We never require you to place advertisements on your website or in your animals' descriptions. We don't require you to put a pet list scroller on your website, or put microchip or health insurance advertisements in your animals' descriptions.

Turn most features on or off as needed

Most of the features of the Website service can be enabled or disabled as desired. For example, if you don't want to use the Guestbook, you can disable it with one click, and it disappears.


More than 30 roles to control access by job responsibility

Each major volunteer role/job function has a role in the Website service. That means that you can grant only the access that a volunteer or staff member needs in order to do their job.

Individual user login accounts

Each of your staff members will receive their own login account. We recommend against sharing accounts because it prevents you from controlling access (using security roles) and from determining who made certain changes via the security audit log.

Increases security on the adoption listing websites

With our Website service you don't need to give your staff and volunteers your password for the adoption listing websites (Pets911,, etc). That means that you can be sure that all of your pet updates will come from your website. You can be sure that your pets will never be lost if all updates are made on your website.

Security audit log

Everything your staff does is recorded so you can look back to see to see who made which changes and when.

Data retention

Animals and contacts are never actually deleted from your Website service, so you can always retreive them if you need to bring them back.


Change your layout and colors

You can select the layout you'd like to use.  You can also set your own colors, including text and link colors.

Easily add web pages without any HTML knowledge

Our service is designed with those who do not have any experience with HTML or web page design in mind. When you update a web page you use our What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) tool, which is very similar to word processors you might be familiar with. You do not need to know HTML to add and update your web pages, insert pictures, and link to files and other web pages. But if you do, you can take advantage of this and CSS.

No special software like FrontPage or Dreamweaver needed

Everything you need to do with the Website service can be done with your web browser. You don't need to purchase or use any special software.

Upload files and images to use in your web pages

You can easily upload an unlimited number of files and images to use on your web pages. You can link to files (like PDFs) for your visitors to download. You can upload images and insert them into your web pages.

Upload a logo

Does your organization have a logo? It's easy to upload a logo and put it on your website, on the sidebar or banner.

Custom styles (CSS)

If you are familiar with website design, you can use the custom styles of our Website service to adjust the styles for almost every part of the website.

Custom site menus

Our Site Menus feature gives you complete control over the menu on your website, including the text and links.

Animal Data

More than 60 animal data fields including private fields

You can track over 60 fields of animal data, including private fields that are available to only your volunteers. If you can't find a specific data field to store your information, you can use the animal journal.

Advanced Templates

If you add a lot of the same kinds of pets, you would benefit from our advanced templates. The templates can hold any combination of data from the animal fields, and all fields are supported in the templates. For example, if you have a foster who only fosters female Beagles, you could create a template with Dog, Beagle, Female, and the Foster and Location selected. To use the template you would simple click it when adding a pet, and the selected values would automatically be loaded onto the page.

Animals automatically get updated on the major national search/listing sites

When you post your adoptable pets with us, we can send them out to over 200 adoption listing websites. You have full control of where your pets appear, and it's all done for free.

Animal journal can store medical records

Each animal has a dedicated journal, which can store any kind of information. Although it was designed for medical information, the journal can store any information.

Automatic lists like puppies/kittens, special needs, urgent, recent additions

The Website service includes "Special Lists" which are managed automatically by the system. For example, the Puppies special list is automatically updated when you had a dog within the age range you have defined as a puppy. The special needs list is automatically updated when you add an animal as a special needs pet.

Fosters can update their own animals and upload pictures

If a volunteer is granted the Foster website permission they will be able to keep their own foster pets up-to-date, including updating information and description, and uploading pictures.

Animal event attendance and Meet Requests

If you have adoptable pets on your website, along with events, you can use the animal attendance feature of the Website service. The attendance feature helps you communicate with your community concerning which pets will be attending certain events. Instead of the public needing to contact you to find out if a specific pet will be attending an event (like an adoption event), they can find out directly from your website. Meet Requests allow them to request to meet a pet at a specific event. These two features can quickly increase your adoptions, and keep your potential adoptions informed!

Track adoptions

Your your animal adoptions, including the adoption application, owner, fee, donation, and thank you letter.


Adopted pets are automatically listed on the Successes page. The Website service also has a Success Stories feature where you can enter additional information concerning the pet's new home.

Success Stories

Success Stories is an extension of your successes list (adopted pets list). Success Stories allows you to post additional information about the pet and their forever home.


Animal sponsorships serve several purposes. Not only a fundraiser, but also a tool to raise awareness of special needs and long-term foster pets in your care.


Complete contact tracking list

Our Contacts feature helps you track all of your organization's contacts including volunteers, adopters, donors, fosters, sponsors and website visitors.

Track volunteers' skills, training, experience

Keep track of your volunteers directly on your website. Volunteer hours, skills, training, inventory loaners and other volunteer related information can be tracked.

Track donations

Record your donations, in-kind, purpose and if a letter has been sent.

Track applications and adoptions

Your online forms are connected with your contacts, as well as your adoptions.

Contacts reminders

Need to remember to reach out to a contact on a certain day? Use the reminders for follow-up!

Online Forms

Completed forms are kept on the website, not emailed

Our Online Forms feature allows your website visitors to complete your applications (like adoption, foster, volunteer, etc) directly on your website. The completed application stays on your website so that your volunteers and staff can view, comment and update the application in one place (on your website).

Shared responsibility for online forms

Since your staff can view and update your completed online forms, you can distribute the workload.

Comments, status and steps encourage teamwork

A consolidated place to work on your online applications means that all of your staff can pitch-in to manage the online forms.


Use PayPal to accept donations

Your website visitors can donate to you through PayPal by using either their PayPal account or a credit card. A PayPal Donate button is added by simply adding your PayPal email address to your Affiliates.

Animal Sponsorships

Easily collect animal sponsorship donations to help with medical costs and special needs animals.

"In Memory Of" Memorials (Rainbow Bridge)

Paid memorials is one way to use your website to raise money.

Setup an Online Store

You can sell items (T-shirts, etc) directly from your website by using the Online Store feature. You can also encourage visitors to pay for other things, like adoptions, events, etc. online through your store.

Information Tracking

Track Animals and medical information

Any kind of animal related information can be stored in the animal journal.

Track Contacts

Contacts, along with dozens of related information like adoptions, donations, volunteer hours, campaigns, inventory loaners can be tracked.

Track Calls

The Calls feature of the Website service helps you track your incoming calls. If you have a voice mail service, you probably have a volunteer can retrieves the messages from the voice mail service, and then informs various individuals of the calls they need to return. With the Calls feature, you would enter the call information on your website, assign the call to a volunteer, and they can manage the call directly from your website.

Track Donations

Donors and donations can be tracked, including in-kind donations, and if a thank you letter has been sent.

Track Feral Colonies

The Website service has a feral colony tracking feature that helps manage pets, locations and caretakers.

Other Features

Personalized features alert your visitors to new content, animals

The My Rescue feature of the Website service gives your visitors a personalized section on your website where they can set their email alerts (news, events), favorite breeds and favorite animals, along with other preferences.

News, Events Calendar and Animal Events Attendance

The News and Events features are an easy way to keep your visitors informed -- news articles can be added in sections. Events are integrated with your animals for event attendance, and an Event Calendar shows all of your events on an monthly calendar.

Memorials (Rainbow Bridge)

Our Rainbow Bridge (memorials) feature combines a memorial story with a picture. "In memory of" memorials can be used to raise money.


Your website visitors can sign your guestbook to let you know they visited.

Photo Gallery

You can upload pictures into photo galleries for display on your website.

Waiting Lists

Waiting Lists can be created for just about everything. You can assign any of your contacts to various waiting lists.

Inventory including loans, due dates and conditions

The Inventory feature helps you manage your physical inventory including location, condition and disposition. You can also use Inventory Loaners to track who is borrowing equipment and items from your inventory.

Dynamic forms like adoption contracts

Contracts and other forms can be created dynamically using data from your website, including animal, adopter and medical journals.

Reports, website stats, data exports

Various reports are available, including custom animal reports, journal and cost reports, contacts and mailing lists. We also have website graphs that show the number of visitors, most popular web pages, most popular animals, and trending.

Full Support

We support you

Our team members are available to provide guidance when you have questions about your website.

Help adding animals

We can add your animals for you from any website on the Internet, or from a data file (like an Excel spreadsheet).

Help end users get registered, access site

We support your end users. That means that if someone browsing your website has a problem, we will help them resolve the issue.

Online knowledge base, support system and forums

We have a large knowledge base, documentation, support website and support forums to help you if you have a question.