Exciting New Service – Virtual Assistants

Dear Clients:

Over the years, Rescuegroups.org has learned of a common issue facing all rescues. That is recruiting, training, and maintaining volunteers. Unfortunately, because there is a high-rate of volunteer turnover, rescue tasks are either not being done consistently or aren't being done at all.

To assist our clients, we are rolling out a new service, and have brought onboard Rescuegroups.org Virtual Assistants. RescueGroups.org Virtual Assistants can assist your organization with various tasks such as:

  • Creating online forms
  • Managing Submitted Forms
  • Answering email and voicemail
  • Adding the animal's vet records to their online journals
  • Processing Adoptions online
  • Registering microchips
  • Creating and sending newsletters
  • Adding events or news to your RescueGroups.org website
  • Content writing, including animal bios
  • Content migration
  • RescueGroups.org Website Setup
  • Website design services
  • Search Engine Optimization

Basically, whatever rescue task(s) you need a volunteer to do, our Rescuegroups.org Virtual Assistants may be able to help.

If you would like to take advantage of our Virtual Assistants program, please submit a Rescuegroups.org ticket and outline which task(s) you need performed, and how often. Then a Rescuegroups.org Virtual Assistant will contact you to discuss specifics and provide you with a quote.

It is our desire to assist all rescues to solve this common dilemma. Please let us know how we can assist you.

-Richard Saffell
Executive Director

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