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It’s time for better animal picture handling

So right now, takes an uploaded image and creates two new images: A “fullsize” version that is a maximum of 500px wide A “thumbnail” version that is a maximum of 100px wide The 500px wide limit was originally put into place (back in 2002)… Continue reading

Coming Soon —

We’re excited about an adoption listing website that is “coming soon.”  It’s called, and has been started by DCL Ventures.  DCL Ventures was founded by Internet entrepreneur and online dating/matchmaking expert Darrell Lerner.  The team plans to use some of the things he learned… Continue reading

Searching for a Community-Focused Microchip Provider

Over the past 6 years, has surveyed our users concerning their experiences with microchips and their microchip suppliers. Initially, the community seemed happy with their vendors and suppliers.  Comparing the survey results of the most well-known rescue/shelter microchip and animal management program, 93% of… Continue reading

Animal Data Imports Coming Soon!

Hello, Recently we’ve been working on adding the ability for any organization to upload their own CSV animal data file to us.  We’re almost ready to start beta testing the new feature! We’ve drafted the documentation for the import.  We’re starting really simple, and we… Continue reading

Mixing Adoptions and Breeding

I recently had a very interesting conversation thread with an individual who was using our Pet Adoption Portal service. This individual is involved in rescuing dogs (or at least caring for homeless dogs that find their way to her).  However, at the same time, this… Continue reading

The Pet Adoption Toolkit: Your Pets, Your Way!

The Pet Adoption Toolkit provides a high-tech way to show your adoptable pets on your own website without advertisements or logos. The Toolkit really works to keep your visitors on your site so you can turn them into adopters, donors and members. Continue reading

The Classless Side of Adoption Listings?

Adoption listing web sites often push ethics and mission aside in favor of corporate profits when it comes to posting adoptable pets on classifieds and other web sites unrelated to animal welfare and the homeless pet epidemic. Continue reading