Help Us Better Serve Our Animal Rescue Community!

Over 16 years ago, arose from an idea to a reality. We knew we were on the cutting edge of technology for animal rescue, and are proud of the impact we’ve made on the animal welfare community.

We’re a nonprofit

All of us here at care deeply about helping organizations work to end animal overpopulation. Every time we’ve published a plea for funds, you’ve responded. Your donations have strengthened our capabilities and our commitment to provide the best low-cost or absolutely free technology services that animal rescue organizations can use. In those 16 years, we’ve provided powerful data management software to over 6,000 animal welfare organizations, and added features and enhancements to improve performance and usability.

This year marks a tremendous turning point for us here at We have two goals in mind.

Creating a full test environment

Our test environment enables our API users and rescue organizations alike the opportunity to test in a production-like environment.  We need to improve that environment so that it can be refreshed from the production database daily, and mimic production as closely as possible. Such a test environment is essential to our continued cooperation with those volunteers who are writing integrations, and external websites and services using our API.

Ramping up our development efforts

It’s time for us to add to our development staff to refresh all of our services, streamline them, and upgrade them. A larger staff lets us pave the way for these updates as well as fulfill enhancement requests made by the community.  We have a huge roadmap in front of us, and we’re hoping that with your help, we can get a running start!

Projected costs

To achieve both goals this year, we need to raise a total of $12,000. We're reaching out to our generous community for help. Please make a donation to today. Click HERE to donate.

Richard Saffell
Executive Director

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