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Help Us Better Serve Our Animal Rescue Community!

Over 16 years ago, arose from an idea to a reality. We knew we were on the cutting edge of technology for animal rescue, and are proud of the impact we’ve made on the animal welfare community. We’re a nonprofit All of us here… Continue reading

Exciting New Service – Virtual Assistants

Dear Clients: Over the years, has learned of a common issue facing all rescues. That is recruiting, training, and maintaining volunteers. Unfortunately, because there is a high-rate of volunteer turnover, rescue tasks are either not being done consistently or aren’t being done at all.… Continue reading

Candy’s Cats, Inc

“Our focus is on saving those who are not saved without our help.” Candy Sullivan has been a champion for cats in need since 2002, and in 2005, she founded Candy’s Cats, Inc. on a shoestring and a hope. No stranger to the struggle of… Continue reading

The BRATs and

Basset Rescue Across Texas

Anne Fifield loves Basset Hounds, and she loves Anne came to Basset rescue by way of a Toy Manchester Terrier she got in 2004. After a month, she wanted her new pup to have a playmate. Her husband Tom wanted the next dog to… Continue reading