Partnerships and the Animal Network — coming soon!

Dear Rescue and Shelter Community:

We're excited to announce two new features to your management services.  These features will be available starting this coming week.

First, we're adding the ability to create Partnerships with other organizations.  Partnerships will be a primary means of communication between organizations.

An organization can request a partnership with another organization.  The partnership goes through an approval process before becoming active -- the partnership request can be accepted or declined.

To learn more about Partnerships, please see the following User Guide article:

The second feature is the Animal Network.  This new feature helps you see animals that are in the care of other organizations and are available for transfer out to other rescues or shelters.  The intended use for this feature is to help find a safe place for at-risk animals.

The Animal Network uses the Partnerships feature... you must have an active partnership before you can see another organization's animals.  Once you do, you'll be able to see all of the active animals that they have "shared."  We have added a new animal field called "Share" so you can select which animals are available to transfer out to one of your partners.

To learn about the Animal Network, please see this section of the User Guide:

The Partnerships and Animal Network features help lay the groundwork for additional features and services we'll be releasing in the future.

We hope these new features will give you additional tools to communicate and effectively work to help homeless pets.

Thank you,

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