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Happy holidays from

Happy holidays from our family to yours.  As we look back on 2017, we want to share some of the exciting things we have been doing at   Over 400 organizations joined our family this year, and most of these new organizations are… Continue reading

Beware of phishing attacks – we will never ask for your password

Security is very important to us. Recently, some of our groups received a bogus letter from one of the adoption sites, asking them for their account information on that site.  This is what is called a “phishing” attack. Phishing is when someone poses as a… Continue reading

Now hiring a Community Coordinator / Tech Writer

We’re excited to add a Community Coordinator / Tech Writer to our team!  We’re looking for the right person to help us improve our services, specifically with our User Guide, Questions, and feature requests. Please take a look at our Job Opportunities page and follow the instructions… Continue reading

Change in Yahoo’s domain policy causes issue for email delivery

Update 5/1/2014:  AOL has also updated their security settings, which will cause messages to be rejected. See the following post by AOL: Recently, Yahoo made a change to their domain email policy that is causing a large amount of email messages from being rejected.… Continue reading

New picture handling, and missing pictures – update

We’ve been working the past couple months (read our blog post) on improving the way we store and handle the animal pictures you upload.  From redesigning how we store them, to how (and when) we resize them, we’re working to provide you with more options.… Continue reading

You decide – you’re responsible for your own exports provides your adoptable pets and public organization information to as many websites and services as possible — because that’s a really good way for people to find out about your organization and what you’re doing in the community. But not every website is the… Continue reading

We’re retiring our Website traffic reports and analytics

We’re retiring the Website service traffic reports and web analytics.  Starting August, 2014 we will no longer collect hits/pageviews on our Website service, or show web page hit counters. We strongly recommend that you add one of the freely available Web Analytics trackers to… Continue reading – amazing new exposure for adoptable pets

We’re excited to tell you that will soon be adding an adoption listing feature to their website! has been a big supporter of pet adoption in Utah, where they are based – in fact, they have been for years. Helping rescues and shelters… Continue reading

It’s time for better animal picture handling

So right now, takes an uploaded image and creates two new images: A “fullsize” version that is a maximum of 500px wide A “thumbnail” version that is a maximum of 100px wide The 500px wide limit was originally put into place (back in 2002)… Continue reading

DogsInDanger now receiving data from!

Hello All, We’re excited to tell you that is now receiving adoptable dog information from! As you may know, helps municipal shelters save dogs. More than 1,000 adopters visit every day looking for dogs and since 2007 they have helped save… Continue reading