Newsletter 6/24/2013

There's so much going on right now! We are very excited about the growth and positive feedback we've been receiving recently!

Please read carefully below because everything included is very important. Feel free to contact us via Support, the Requests page, or Facebook if you have any comments or suggestions!


  • Upcoming changes to user permissions
  • Sync App
  • Microchips
  • Grant
  • DogTime Petties

Upcoming changes to user permissions

We posted to our blog the other day about our planned changes and improvements to our user permissions and roles. These changes are primarily in response to your Requests and the suggestions we have received.

Please take a look at the following blog post. You may need to take action for your current users to maintain their existing permissions and access.

Sync App

Please double-check your Sync App to be sure it's running. There was an issue with a previous version of the Sync App that prevented it from running. You should be on version 5.5.2, and if you aren't, you may need to download and update the Sync App manually. Please go to the Sync App web page for additional information.


We are still working on our microchip integration with 911PetChip and Sorry for the delay. We expect to make additional announcements within the next month or so! Grant

The Happy Beginnings Fund is now accepting applications from shelters and rescues! If you have, or are planning, a really inspired adoption program, or you have specific costs related to making sure your adoptions are successful (like providing adoption kits or obedience classes), wants to hear from you! The fund is accepting applications from June 15, 2013 through July 13, 2013.

Apply here:

DogTime Petties

The DogTime Petties nominations have opened and as part of the nominations phase, DogTime has also started their Petties Grant program. We ask everyone that nominates a blogger for the categories in the Petties to also nominate a shelter or rescue for the Petties Grant. The shelter or rescue that wins receives a $ 10k donation from DogTime.

The nominations end in just a few days, so spread the word quickly! Your rescue or shelter might be the winner of the $ 10k donation!

For more info please visit

Thank you so much for your support!

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