Newsletter 9/20/2009

We have a few quick updates for you. We've been really busy the past few months, and we're going to have a few really big announcements in the near future. Not only are you going to get even more exposure for your adoptable pets, but we're going to give you some incredible new tools to help you work more effectively. Stay tuned!

Use the Toolkit for More Pet Views

Did you know that using the Pet Adoption Toolkit on your web site brings in more views per pet than the adoption listing web sites? It's true, and it's a great way to provide an attractive and powerful pet listing feature on any web page.

The Toolkit is completely customizable, with different colors, and layouts. You can even select which fields you want to show, and which pets (by species, size, age, color, etc). The best part is that it will look good in your web site, and keep visitors on your web site!

Here are just a few of the hundreds of web sites that are currently using the Toolkit:

You can start using the Toolkit by going to the Toolkit page in the Pet Adoption Portal. You'll be able to easily copy & paste the Toolkit HTML into any web page. Contact us if you need help!

New Feature! Coordinate All of Your Updates

We've added a new feature that will help you coordinate your pet updates on the few web sites that aren't working with We call the feature "Manual Updates" and you'll find it on the menu (for Data Management and Web Site clients look under Animals > Exports).

Put simply, you set the date and time for when you updated a web site last, and the page will tell you all of the changes on your pet list that have happened since that time.

The first step is to go to the Manual Updates page and add an "account" (if there isn't one there for you already). Fill in the fields and set the date and time that you last updated that web site.

Then, click on the account you created. You'll be taken to a web page that shows you all of the animals that have been updated since the date and time you entered. You can go pet-by-pet and make the same changes on the external web site, including copying & pasting the animal description.

When you've completed the updates, click the link at the bottom of the page saying that you have updated the external web site. We'll remember the last time updates were done on that site (or you can change it at any time).

This feature really means you can make any necessary changes on your service without keeping track of every change. It also means you could have a volunteer that logs in and just syncs the changes to the other web sites. You can create as many accounts as you'd like, maybe for your organization's web site, and other adoption listing web sites.

Copy & Paste Your Pet Descriptions

When you copy & paste your pet descriptions from your service you not only save typing the description again, but you also gain the benefits of the header/footer, automatic contact information, and the Pet Adoption Tracker!

We make it easy by providing the Manual Updates page mentioned above, as well as the HTML popup on the pet list (HTML button currently on the Pet Adoption Portal only). Be sure to select the correct account at the top of the page before you click the Copy to Clipboard button since each web site has different terms of service.

Thank you for your time and support!

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