Your requests lead to improvements

This week we implemented four of the requests we've received so far on our Requests page.  We're constantly reviewing and updating the Requests that you post, so keep those ideas and votes coming!

Ability to view submitted forms in email

We've added the option to have the questions and answers from a submitted form be added to the Submitted Form alert email.  The site-wide option is under Features > Online Forms > Settings.

Delete messages from the Messaging Center

We not only added the ability to delete messages from your Messaging Center, but also the option to have your Weekly Tracker Report to go into the Messaging Center.  We posted to our blog earlier this week about this improvement.

Species selection on print summary

We've improved the Print Summary page so that you can select all, or select none of the species at the same time.

Include “Needs Caretaker” field in REST API

The Needs Caretaker field is now included in the REST API.  This field is only available via our Data Management service.

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