Additional Features Added to Management Service (in beta)

Hello all,

We can't thank you enough for your feedback, ideas, comments and concerns. We're considering all of the ideas and comments we receive from our users.

In response to your comments we have added a few new features to the Management Service, which is currently in beta testing.

  • The animal list now has a "thumbnails" button so you can turn on animal picture thumbnails for any animal list
  • The Options drop down now has an option to "show max" which will show 250 items in the list

We also have completed the following features:

  • Campaigns (now able to send email campaigns)
  • Messaging Center
  • View the questions/answers of Completed Forms (more->Online Forms->Completed Forms)
  • Site Menus (can now be reset)
  • Clone an animal from the animal's page
  • Several reports are now available

Thank you again for your comments and suggestions for the new management service.  We greatly appreciate it.

Here's the URL again for the management service. Please remember that the new management service is currently being beta tested, so if you are not accustomed to using software that has not been completely tested, please continue to use your current interface (Pet Adoption Portal, Data Management, etc).

Thank you!

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