Beta Test our New Management Interface!


We're pleased to announce that we are officially starting to beta test our new management interface!

This new interface is a combination of our Pet Adoption Portal, Data Management, Web Site and email/domain services. The main goal for us is to be able to provide a consolidated interface for our clients to use, while reducing the overhead we experience to add and update our features. The management interface is the first step toward providing dozens of new features and new services by the end of 2009 and in 2010.

Slowly, over the next several months, we'll be phasing out the Pet Adoption Portal and Data Management/Voice Mail interfaces, and removing the administrative functions from the public web site service. All management of the services will happen through this new interface. We'll be providing additional information regarding that transition soon.

Although we have not added any significant features with this new interface, you will find new and easier ways to do things.

Please keep in mind that you may come across issues or questions while using the beta management web site. Please contact us regarding anything that is not clear or doesn't work in the way you were expecting. You can always go back to your existing web site (Pet Adoption Portal, Web Site, etc) to manage your account until we are able to resolve the issue for you.

There are some features that we are still working to integrate into the new management interface. As we complete this integrations we will mark them off.

Incomplete features: Reporting (all animal reports, kennel cards, permissions report, print summary, web site stats), Campaign send, Messaging Center, Portal Setup Wizard, Pet Adoption Toolkit, lost pet search, Domains service, Calls email grab, Service Upgrades, View Completed Forms, Mass Animal Attendance updates, and Site Menu reset.

We'd appreciate your help with testing the site. Please email us your thoughts, comments and ideas!

Please login with the same user name and password that you use for your current services.

Here's the URL for the new Management interface:

You can also download the Management Service User Guide here:

Thank you,

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