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We're excited about an adoption listing website that is "coming soon."  It's called, and has been started by DCL Ventures.  DCL Ventures was founded by Internet entrepreneur and online dating/matchmaking expert Darrell Lerner.  The team plans to use some of the things he learned in the dating world to help adopters find the right pet. promises to be fresh and unique, with a lot of new features that aren't available with any other pet adoption website -- features that could really drive a lot of new adopters and opportunities to you.

We're excited not only because is going to use the adoptable pet data from, but especially because will be one of the first websites to integrate with the advanced features of the API.

The details of the new features are still being worked out at this time, but we're hoping to announce additional information about their integration in the new future.

If you'd like to get updates directly from, please sign-up on their website:

From their website you can interact with them via Facebook, Twitter, read the DCL Ventures blog, and email them.

Be sure to like and share their Facebook page: was featured in an article on Mashable last week:

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And there has also been a press release:

Keep your eye out for more details in the near future!

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