Free Online Forms Service coming soon!

We're excited to announce that we are bringing a free version of our wildly popular Online Forms service to all organizations, for free!

The free Online Forms service will include features like:*

  • Built-in adoption application with detailed static questions
  • Contacts/adopter tracking
  • Per-user and per-form alerting features
  • Submitted form assignments
  • Add comments and discuss with other volunteers
  • 3rd party submissions via the API (eg, adoption listing websites)
  • Online Form iFrame (put your application on any website)

The Online Forms service will include a built-in adoption application, called "Common Adoption Application."  The Common app will have dozens of the most frequently used adoption questions -- all taken from the feedback we received from our community surveys.  Regardless if your organization has an existing adoption application, or you're looking to create one, the Common app will have you covered.

If you haven't used our Online Forms service before, you can find the link to Online Forms and to Submitted Forms on the Features menu of your Manage account.  The Online Forms page will show you the forms (adoption application, questions, etc) and the Submitted Forms page will show you the completed/submitted applications from your potential adopters.

We will also be renaming our current Online Forms service to "Advanced Online Forms," and it will continue to include these additional features:

  • Create unlimited forms (adoption, volunteer, foster, etc)
  • Create public and private forms
  • Create your own questions
  • Create unlimited pages per form
  • Track the progress of adoptions with the steps feature
  • Contact the application via email
  • Use an iFrame to put your application on any website!**

In the future, we plan to add these features:

  • Online Forms and Submitted Forms expanded API
  • Share adoption applications with other organizations

Look for these updates very soon!  We don't have an exact release date, but you should see the changes before the end of October.

We've worked really hard to put together this new free Online Forms service and expanded Advanced Online Forms service. We hope to improve communication, tracking and processing of adoption applications -- to help you work more effectively -- and increase adoptions!

Use the comments below to let us know what you think.  Thank you for your support!

* Specific features are subject to change -- we're close, but it's not in production yet, so we may have to change some things before going live.

** We've added this capability to the Website service also.

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