Improvements to the Messaging Center

We've made a few minor updates to the Messaging Center inside of your Manage account.

To get to the updated Messaging Center, login to your Manage account, and from the Welcome screen, click View all of your messages under the Message Center Preview.  Or click the New Messages link in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.

The first update is... now you can delete messages!  From the Messaging Center, simply check the box next to the messages you want to delete, and click the Delete Selected Message(s) button.

The second update is that we will be giving you the option to have messages delivered to the Messaging Center instead of to you email mailbox.  The first email that can be delivered to the Messaging Center is the Weekly Tracker Report.

The Weekly Tracker Report email will automatically be in your Messaging Center each week, in addition to being delivered to your email inbox.  If you want to disable receiving the Message in the Messaging Center, or via email, you can make that change by going to Services > My Settings.

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