Overstock.com – amazing new exposure for adoptable pets

We’re excited to tell you that Overstock.com will soon be adding an adoption listing feature to their website!

Overstock.com has been a big supporter of pet adoption in Utah, where they are based – in fact, they have been for years. Helping rescues and shelters is not a new thing to them.

We’re very happy that Overstock has decided to take a larger role in helping adoptable pets find a home on a national scale.

I believe that Overstock.com is the most well-known Internet presence to provide a national adoptable pet search. It’s great that they have also decided to support the rescue/shelter community even further by receiving your adoptable pet data from RescueGroups.org.

Overstock.com is already in your Exports list (see your Animals > Exports page), and was added using your New Exports preferences a few months ago.

Their adoption search feature will go live on or about March 28, 2014.  If you’d like to read more about Overstock and their support of the animal welfare community, please see their landing page:


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