We’re retiring our Website traffic reports and analytics

We're retiring the RescueGroups.org Website service traffic reports and web analytics.  Starting August, 2014 we will no longer collect hits/pageviews on our Website service, or show web page hit counters.

We strongly recommend that you add one of the freely available Web Analytics trackers to your website.  The Google Analytics tool provides a lot more features and useful reporting than we would be able to provide, and many organizations are already using them on their website.

We have already added support for the Google Analytics code directly in the Affiliates feature of your Website service.  To add the Google tracking code to your website all you have to do is go the Affiliates page and enable the Google Analytics affilate, and enter the UA code.

If there is a different web analytics tool you'd like to use, you can always add the necessary code to your website's Header, or to a Custom Code Snippet.

We are providing a 3-month transition period to allow you to setup your web reporting tool.  Please see this User Guide article for help creating a new Google Analytics account, and please contact Support if you need any assistance.

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