The Classless Side of Adoption Listings?

We have to be honest -- we're not extremely knowledgeable concerning licensing agreements, corporate sponsorships, exclusivity agreements or revenue sharing. Thankfully, those things just aren't part of our lives here at

That's probably why we've never really understood why adoptable pets would show up on various web sites that don't have a mission or desire to help save pets, or to see an end to the homeless pet epidemic (like classifieds and beer web sites).

Recently, we've seen more "revenue sharing" agreements between the adoption listing web sites and classifieds or product/branding web sites -- web sites that are almost exclusively unrelated to animals or animal welfare.

With revenue sharing agreements, when the adoption listing company gives your adoptable pet information to a 3rd party, they make money each time someone views your pets on that web site, and even more if the visitor clicks an advertisement on that page. So, the more places they can send your pet data, the more money in their corporate pockets, with no regard to where the pets are actually being posted.

The animal welfare community is not united concerning posting their adoptable pets on classifieds web sites. Some people say, "the more exposure the better;" however, most don't want to have their homeless pets show-up on a web site along side backyard-breeders and puppy stores.

The point is, when we give our adoptable pet data to an adoption listing web site we assume they have the best interests of the staff and pets in mind, but each organization has to make that decision. In the least, each organization should be given advanced notice if pets will be appear on a new web site, and each organization should have the ability to prevent the data sharing with each individual web site, at their own discretion. Each organization has it's own policies, and should receive this level of control and respect.

We think this is another example where ethics, mission and animal welfare have often been ignored in favor of corporate profits.

PS. If you are having trouble tracking down how your pets showed up on a classifieds web site, please contact us. We may be able to help you.

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