Three features of your service you may not have noticed

A backup for your data, pictures and videos

We understand the importance of your data and media.  That’s why we take close care of them for you.

We store your media and public files on a global content network so that they are always available.

You can export your data at any time.  You can export your pet information to a spreadsheet and even download your pet pictures.

If you upload pictures and videos to us, we can always upload them to new websites, or re-upload them to a website if they are accidentally deleted.

Easily broadcast your animal videos

Videos are the new pictures.  People who use videos with their adoptable pet listings have reported increased interest in their pets.  And with most new cell phones having high-definition video cameras embedded, they are becoming more and more popular as a way to advertise adoptable pets.

But how can you possibly upload your videos to multiple adoption listing websites, and meet all of their various requirements?

Well, does it for you.  And you may not have even noticed.

If you upload a video file to us, we can do several things with it:

  • Show it on your website, Pet Adoption Toolkit, API listings, etc.
  • Upload the video file to Petfinder via the Sync App
  • Upload the video file to YouTube
  • Add the YouTube Video URL to your pets on

And when we upload the video to YouTube we can even upload it under your organization’s account (otherwise we upload it to our RescueGroups account).

You can set your YouTube preferences by going to Animals > Settings > Export Settings.

Free 3-month service trials

If you’ve been using the Pet Adoption Portal for a while, maybe it’s time to consider a free trial of our Data Management, Online Forms iFrame or Website service!  You’ll get the same great features of the Portal, and the same great support and non-profit community.

You can add free trials to your account from the Services menu in your Manage account.

Learn more about our services on our website:

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