Upgrades & New Features – Please Donate!

As you probably already know, RescueGroups.org is supported by our low service fees and by your donations.  We believe it's better for the community that we are a non-profit organization, and not have corporate sponsors -- it means we are able to do things in a better way that wouldn't be possible if we had investors, share holders, and corporate sponsors to answer to first.

Occasionally we ask our community to consider donating to help us work toward our mission.

No one is required to donate -- our free services will remain free even if you don't donate.

The past few years have been tough -- our income (from service fees and donations) has not been paying the bills.  We've been dependent on loans to keep us going.

But this year has been a little better.  We've found ways to trim some of our costs, and we've brought on more partners.  We hope that (with your help) we'll be debt free by the end of this calendar year!

This year we did a lot with our limited resources:

  • Brought on full-time administrative/support staff (our employee count remains at one)
  • Free microchip integration
  • Free imports from PetPoint
  • Free Online Forms and Common Adoption Application service coming soon!
  • Custom contact groups
  • Improvements to the Messaging Center
  • API updates including FTP-based XML exports
  • Brought on dozens of additional API websites and services
  • As much as we could from the Requests list
  • Tons of usability enhancements

We have huge plans for the next year:

  • Bring on at least one additional microchip registration partner
  • Usability improvements to the Portal website
  • Enhanced features for the free Toolkit service
  • Improve user permissions and security roles
  • Maybe a mobile app or two?
  • As much as we can from the Requests list

If you are able to donate, the Donation page includes information on how to donate online or with a check.


Thank you so much for your generosity and support!

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